Dixson Metals Recycling, Inc.
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    Wire (insulated or Bare
        Romax (electrical wire)
        Extension cords, appliance cords, elelctronic cords, etc.
        Christmas lights
        Machine Wire (12 gauge & bigger)
    Sheeting (roofing & gutters)
Dixson Metals Recycling Services
We specialize in the purchase and processing of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous metals, as well as electronics scrap; accepting metal from the public and business sector. Additional services include: on-site removal of metals for commercial accounts, granulation of copper wire and de-canning of catalytic converters. 
Valves, fixtures, lamps, bed frames, keys or other solid brass
Used brass shells
Refinery (door knobs)
Other Misc. Items
Extruded (door frames, window frames, etc.)
Siding, gutters, drip edge
Lawn Furniture, Ladders, Baseball Bats
Car rims
Cast aluminum (barbecue grill tops, car parts)
Foil (please rinse)
Beverage cans (please rinse out)
Aluminum Wire (Insulated or bare)
Boat Motors & Weed Whips
Aluminum Turnings
Antennas/Satellite Dishes
Boats/Canoes/Trailers (Must have registration or proof of ownership
Propane Tanks (Must have the valve removed and holes drilled in the bottom to release fumes!)
Auto Parts
Radiators (Aluminum, Aluminum & Copper, Copper & Brass)
Heater Cores
Batteries (Lead Acid only batteries)
Transmission (Please make sure oil pan is removed)
AC Pums
Catalytic Converters
Engine Blocks (Fluids drained)
Hoods, brake pads, rotors, calipers, bumpers (can't be plastic!)
Appliances (Dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, microwaves, water heaters, furnaces, bladder tanks)
Lawn mowers, snow blowers (please make sure all fluids are drained
Filiing Cabinets, Shelving, Fencing, Doors ( No wood or glass)
Bicycles & Work out equipment
Whole Bargeque grills, fans, vacuums
Cast Iron bath tubs
Nails, Screws, Tools
Steel cans (Please wash out if use from food)
Fridges, Freezers, AC Units & Dehumidifiers (Must be tagged that the Freon was professionally removed!)
Pretty much anything that sticks to a magnet!
PC Towers
Internal Components (Hard drives, Power Supply, Boards, Memory, Processors, CD ROM/Floppy
Modems, Routers, Network Switches, Cable Boxes
Cellphones (Please remove battery, we buy those separately)
Batteries (Lithium Ion Laptop, Lithium Ion Cell Phone, Power Tool Batteries)
Copper Yokes (These come from the back of old T.V.'s and Monitors
We accept old style CRT monitors & T.V.'s but they are an item you would have to pay for us to recycle!!  Unfortunately, they are very high in lead and mercury content, creating a hazard to the environment.
Electronic Motors
Ballast (out of big light fixtures)
Sealed Units (compressors out of fridges and freezers)
Stainless Steel (kitchen sinks)
Soft lead & Wheel weights (No lead out of X-ray machines or X-ray rooms!)
Die cast
We also recycle office paper and cardboard, along with many other items, so please call if you don't see it listed!
​Please call for pricing information.  Pricing depends on the market demand.